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Basic versioning aspects

Information about analyzed ontologies and their versions

  • |C|(start) … number of concepts in first version
  • |C|(end) … number of concepts in latest version
  • grow … ratio between |C|(end) and |C|(start)
  • t(start) … timestamp of first version
  • t(end) … timestamp of latest version
  • k … number of versions
NCI Thesaurus35814639241.78May. 04Dec. 0739broad coverage of cancer domain
GeneOntology17368259951.50May. 04Feb. 0844aggregation of all GO sub ontologies
– Biological Process8625150011.74May. 04Feb. 0844annotation of gene products (biological role)
– Molecular Function733688181.20May. 04Feb. 0844annotation of gene products (molecular function)
– Cellular Components140721761.55May. 04Feb. 0844annotation of gene products (cellular location)
ChemicalEntities10236180071.76Oct. 04Jan. 0828chemical compounds of biological relevance
FlyAnatomy609062221.02Nov. 04Dec. 0716anatomy of Drosophila melanogaster
MammalianPhenotype417560771.46Aug. 05Jan. 0815terms for annotating mammalian phenotypic data
AdultMouseAnatomy241627451.14Aug. 05Sep. 0715adult anatomy of the mouse (Mus)
ZebrafishAnatomy138921721.56Nov. 05Oct. 0712anatomy and development of the Zebrafish
Sequence98114631.49Aug. 05Feb. 0826structured CV for sequence annotation
ProteinModification107411281.05Jun. 06Nov. 0714description of protein chemical modifications
CellType6878571.25Jun. 04Jun. 0719cell types from prokaryotes to mammals
PlantStructure6818351.23Jul. 05Feb. 0822plant morphological and anatomical structures
ProteinProteinInteraction1948194.22Aug. 05Feb. 0819annotation of protein interaction experiments
FlyBaseCV6586931.05Nov. 05Apr. 077used for various aspects of annotation by FlyBase
Pathway4275931.39Nov. 05Jan. 0822CV for pathways, annotation of gene products