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Analysis of research publications

Analysis of publications

Four our survey of entity resolution prototypes we have analyzed numerous research publications w.r.t. their evaluation of entity resolution approaches. A list of entity matching papers can also be found in our publication categorizer.

A Distance-Based Approach to Entity Reconciliation in Heterogeneous DatabasesDey, Sarkar, DeTKDE2002personsMIS faculty directory
A grammar-based entity representation framework for data cleaningArasu, KaushikSIGMOD2009people, affiliationsRIDDLE (UCD), DBLP
A Heterogeneous Field Matching Method for Record Linkage Steven N. Minton, Claude Nanjo, Craig A. Knoblock, Martin Michalowski, Matthew MichelsonICDM2005restaurants, cars, hotels
Adaptive duplicate detection using learnable string similarity measuresBilenko, M. and Mooney, R. JSIGKDD2003restaurants, bibliographicCora, Citeseer
Adaptive Name Matching in Information IntegrationBilenko, M., Mooney, R., Cohen, W., Ravikumar, P., and Fienberg, S.Int. Syst.2003animals, departments, park, restaurant, persons
Adaptive Product Normalization: Using Online Learning for Record Linkage in Comparison ShoppingBilenko, Basu, SahamiICDM2005productsFroogle
An Entity Resolution Framework for Deduplicating ProteinsLochovsky, TopaloglouDILS2008proteinsIPI
An integrated, conditional model of information extraction and coreference with application to citation matching.Wellner, McCallum, Peng, HayUAI2004bibliographicCiteseer
Automatic Training Example Selection for Scalable Unsupervised Record LinkageChristenPAKDD2008census, restaurants, publicationsCora
Automatically utilizing secondary sources to align information across sourcesMichalowski, M., Thakkar, S., and Knoblock, C. A.AI Mag.2005restaurants, companies
Autonomous citation matching.Lawrence, Giles, BollackerAGENTS1999bibliographic
Cleaning the Spurious Links in DataLee, M. L., Hsu, W., and Kothari, VInt. Syst.2004bibliographic, moviesDBLP, KDD Cup 2003 Hep-ph data
Collective Entity Resolution in Relational DataBhattacharya, GetoorTKDD2007bibliographicCiteseer, arXive, BioBase
Combining a Logical and a Numerical Method for Data ReconciliationSaïs, Pernelle, RoussetJoDS2010bibliographic, hotelsCora, HOTEL
Constraint-Based Entity MatchingShen, Li, DoanAAAI2005persons, moviesDBLP, IMDB
Detecting Duplicates in Complex XML DataWeis, NaumannICDE2006moviewsIMDB,
DogmatiX tracks down duplicates in XMLWeis, M. and Naumann, F.SIGMOD2005movies, CDsIMDB, FreeDB
D-Swoosh: A Family of Algorithms for Generic, Distributed Entity ResolutionBenjelloun, O., Garcia-Molina, H., Gong, H., Kawai, H., Larson, T. E., Menestrina, D., and Thavisomboon, S.ICDCS2007productsYahoo
Duplicate record elimination in large data files.Bitton, D. and DeWitt, D. J.TODS1983
Efficient clustering of high-dimensional data sets with application to reference matchingMcCallum, Nigam, UngarSIGKDD2000bibliographicCora
Efficient Private Record LinkageYakout, Atallah, ElmagarmidICDE2009personsBC voters list
Eliminating fuzzy duplicates in data warehouses.Ananthakrishna, R., Chaudhuri, S., and Ganti, V.VLDB2002persons/customers (bibliographic)
Entity Identification in Database IntegrationLim, E., Srivastava, J., Prabhakar, S., and Richardson, J.ICDE1993
Entity resolution with iterative blockingWhang, Menestrina, Koutrika, Theobald, Garcia-MolinaSIGMOD2009products, hotelsYahoo
Example-driven design of efficient record matching queriesChaudhuri, Chen, Ganti, KaushikVLDB2007companies, persons, bibliographic, restaurants, birdsRIDDLE, Cora
Exploiting context analysis for combining multiple entity resolution systemsChen, Kalashnikov, MehrotraSIGMOD2009bibliographic, personsRealPub
Exploiting relationships for object consolidationChen, Kalashnikov, MehrotraIQIS2005moviesStanford download
Exploiting secondary sources for unsupervised record linkageM. Michalowski and S. Thakkar and C. KnoblockIIWeb2004RestaurantsZagat, Dinesite
Febrl - An Open Source Data Cleaning, Deduplication and Record Linkage System with a Graphical User InterfaceChristenSIGKDD2008census, restaurants, publications
Finding similar identities among objects from multiple web sourcesCarvalho, J. C. and da Silva, A. S.WIDM2003bibliographic, movies, restaurants
Framework for Evaluating Clustering Algorithms in Duplicate DetectionHassanzadeh, Chiang, Miller, LeeVLDB2009companies, bibliographicDBLP
Generic entity resolution with data confidencesMenestrina, Benjelloun, Garcia-MolinaCleanDB2006
Industry-scale duplicate detectionWeis, Naumann, Jehle, Lufter, SchusterVLDB2009peopleSchufa
Interactive deduplication using active learningSarawagi, BhamidipatySIGKDD2002bibliographic, addressesCiteseer
Joint deduplication of multiple record types in relational dataCulotta, McCallumCIKM2005bibliographicCiteseer, Cora
Large-Scale Deduplication with Constraints Using DedupalogArasu, Re, SuciuICDE2009bibliographicCora
Learning domain-independent string transformation weights for high accuracy object identificationTejada, Knoblock, MintonSIGKDD2002restaurants, companies and airports
Learning object identification rules for information integration, InformationTejada, Knoblock, MintonSystems2001restaurants, companies and airports
MOMA-A Mapping-based Object Matching SystemThor, RahmCIDR2007bibliographicDBLP, ACM, GS
Object Matching for Information Integration: A Profiler-Based ApproachDoan, Lu, Lee, HanIIWeb2003bibliographic, moviesCiteseer, IMDB
Profile-Based Object Matching for Information IntegrationDoan, Lu, Lee, HanInt. Syst.2003bibliographicCiteseer
Reference reconciliation in complex information spacesDong, Halevy, MadhavanSIGMOD2005PIM, bibliographicCora
Source-aware Entity Matching: A Compositional ApproachShen, DeRose, Doan, RamakrishnanICDE2007persons, moviesIMDB, Yahoo Movie Search
Structure-based inference of xml similarity for fuzzy duplicate detectionLeitão, Calado, WeisCIKM2007movies, CDs
Swoosh: A generic approach to entity resolutionBenjelloun, Garcia-Molina, Su, WidomTechReport2005products, hotelsYahoo
TAILOR: A Record Linkage Tool BoxElfeky, Elmagarmid, VerykiosICDE2002products, persons
The Field Matching Problem: Algorithms and ApplicationsAlvaro E. Monge and Charles ElkanSIGKDD1996departmentsINSPEC
The merge/purge problem for large databasesHernández, M. A. and Stolfo, S. J.SIGMOD1995
Training Selection for Tuning Entity MatchingKöpcke, RahmQDB/MUD2008bibliographic, park, restaurantDBLP, ACM, GS, Riddle
Transformation-based Framework for Record MatchingArasu, Chaudhuri, KaushikICDE2008bibliographic, addressesCora
XML duplicate detection using sorted neighborhoodsPuhlmann, Weis, NaumannEDBT2006movies, CDs