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COMA 3.0 - Community Edition

COMA 3.0 is the successor of the well-established schema matcher COMA++, which was redeveloped and enhanced by additional features like ontology merging and an improved workflow management. The Community Edition of COMA 3.0 is now an Open Source Project under AGPL license and can be obtained, enhanced and distributed free of charge.

Click here to get to the project site. SVN is provided to check out the source code to your repository. Additionally, the COMA 3.0 CE binaries are provided in the download area ( Click here to get the COMA 3.0 CE User’s Guide.

In order to set up COMA 3.0 CE, we advise you to check it out via SVN in any IDE you like. Please note that COMA is a Maven project, which implies that Maven has to be running on your system. In Eclipse, you also need to install the MavenToEclipse plugin to check out the project as a Maven project. More information about the installation and set up of COMA 3.0 CE can be obtained in the Wiki of the COMA 3.0 CE project site on

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can use the internal wiki or forum of the project site at You may also contact Patrick Arnold ( if you have any specific question or remark.

Additional Information

More detailed information and a FAQ are provided here, which are both useful for COMA++ users and COMA 3.0 users.

COMA 3.0 Business Edition

In addition to the community edition, COMA 3.0 BE allows…

  • Schema and Ontology Merging
  • Match Result Transformation
  • Complex Correspondence and Function Detection
  • Advanced Workflow Management

Please contact Webdata Solutions ( if you are interested in the COMA 3.0 Business Edition (BE).