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WDI-Lab: Semantische Integration von Webdaten

The WDI-Lab (Web Data Integration Lab) is an innovation lab of the University of Leipzig at the Institute of Computer Science. It was founded by Prof. Rahm and started its work in January 2010. Initially, it was funded by a large grant of the BMBF to foster the development of market-ready solutions. A first spinoff (Webdata Solutions) started its work in the beginning of 2012. Now, the WDI-Lab includes different projects funded by the EU and DFG.

The main area of the WDI Lab are advanced methods for data integration, in particular for web data including linked data. Individual topics include:

  1. Mashup-based data integration
  2. Schema and ontology matching
  3. Object matching / entity resolution

More information is avaliable on the lab’s web page.