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Lin, Ying-Chi; Christen, Victor; Groß, Anika; Cardoso, Silvio Domingos; Pruski, Cedric; Da Silveira, Marcos; Rahm, Erhard
Evaluating and improving annotation tools for medical forms
Proc. Data Integration in the Life Science (DILS) 2017

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Lin, Ying-Chi; Groß, Anika; Kirsten, Toralf
Integration and visualization of spatial data in LIFE
it - Information Technology 59(4)

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publication iconDomingos Cardoso, Silvio; Reynaud-Delaître, Chantal; Da Silveira, Marcos; Lin, Ying-Chi; Groß, Anika; Rahm, Erhard; Pruski, Cédric
Towards a Multi-level Approach for the Maintenance of Semantic Annotations
Proceedings of the 10th International Joint Conference on Biomedical Engineering Systems and Technologies (BIOSTEC 2017), HEALTHINF, Porto, Portugal, February 21-23, 2017

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Domingos Cardoso, Silvio; Pruski, Cédric; Da Silveira, Marcos; Lin, Ying-Chi; Groß, Anika; Rahm, Erhard; Reynaud-Delaître, Chantal
Leveraging the Impact of Ontology Evolution on Semantic Annotations
Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management. Vol. 10024 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pp. 68-82, 2016