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Industry Workshop, April 2009

In April 2009 we conducted an industry workshop at the university of Leipzig to present the innovation lab to interested employees of local IT companies and IT users.

After an overview talk by Prof. Rahm the prototypes were presented in two separate presentations. After the talks the discussions continued during a Get Together party.

Prof. Dr. Rahm gives overview presentation about the innovation lab.
German Slides
Prof. Dr. Rahm

Frau Maßmann presents theCOMA++ prototype for schema and Ontology matching
Frau Maßmann

Dr. Thor spresents prototypes for workflow-based data integration and object matching
Herr Dr. Thor

Workshop participants

Handouts (in German)

Object Matching
Schema and Ontology Matching
Workflow-based data integration

Poster (in German)

Innolab-Poster A4

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