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Semantic Authoring and Retrieval within a Wiki

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publication iconAumueller, D.
Semantic Authoring and Retrieval within a Wiki
2nd European Semantic Web Conference 2005, Heraklion, Greece

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Structuring information on the Web can be a tedious task but is needed for effective retrieval of specific content. A prototype web application helps the user in this task by facilitating semantically structured content creation in an effortless and usable manner. Semantic authoring merely is a matter of entering field value pairs among prose text within a single input field. Annotating the content that way the user instantaneously gets gratified by context aware means of navigation and semantic query possibilities on an emergent ontology. Queries can be persistently embedded on Wiki pages to maintain constantly up-to-date lists of results. Thus, the information authored on the Wiki remains highly accessible.

Best Demo Award ESWC2005