Name Topic Date Room
Christopher Rost Scalable Management and Analysis of Temporal Property Graphs P702
Martin Franke Scalable, Accurate and Secure Privacy-Preserving Record Linkage ScaDS.AI, Zwenkauer See
Alieh Saeedi Clustering Approaches for Multi-source Entity Resolution Big Blue Button
Victor Christen Advanced Methods for Entity Linking in the Life Sciences Big Blue Button
Markus Nentwig Scalable Data Integration for Linked Data Rittersaal (Härtelstraße)
André Petermann On Pattern Mining in Graph Data to Support Decision-Making Universität Leipzig, Raum P702
Patrick Arnold Semantic Enrichment of Ontology Mappings University of Leipzig, Room P502
Lars Kolb Effiziente MapReduce-Parallelisierung von Entity Resolution-Workflows P-702
Hanna Köpcke Object Matching on Real-world Problems University of Leipzig, Room P702
Anika Groß Evolution von ontologiebasierten Mappings in den Lebenswissenschaften Paulinum, Felix-Klein-Hörsaal
Eric Peukert Process-based Schema Matching: From Manual Design to Adaptive Process Construction P-901
Michael Hartung Evolution von Ontologien in den Lebenswissenschaften Johannisgasse 26, Felix-Klein-HS
Mykola Golovin Web Recommendations for E-Commerce Websites Johannisgasse 26
Holger Märtens Beiträge zur dynamischen Lastbalancierung in parallelen Datenbanksystemen Johannisgasse 26, 1-22
Andreas Thor Automatische Mapping-Verarbeitung auf Webdaten Johannisgasse 26, 1-22
Toralf Kirsten Data-Warehouse- und Mapping-basierte Datenintegrationsplattformen in der Bioinformatik Haertelstrasse 16-18
Hong-Hai Do Schema Matching and Mapping-based Data Integration Haertelstrasse 16-18
Ulrike Greiner Quality-oriented Execution and Optimization of Cooperative Processes: Model and Algorithms Klostergasse
Sergey Melnik Generic Model Management: Concepts and Algorithms /
Robert Müller Event-Oriented Dynamic Adaptation of Workflows /