Privacy-preserving Record Linkage


Distributed Graph Analytics


Schema and Ontology Matching

COMA++ Prototype


ATOM (Ontology Merging)

Dedoop (MapReduce-based Entity Matching for Big Data)

Background Knowledge Exploitation


Bibliographic data

Google Scholar H-Index

  • Calculate the single publication h index (and further metrics) based on Google Scholar

Online Citation Service (OCS)

  • Get the DBLP publications with Google Scholar citation counts. (experimental)

PDF MEtadata Acquisition Tool (pdfmeat aka pdftobibtex, including bibtex2pdfmeta)

  • Scholarly PDFs: retrieve and embed metadata – online demo (not necessarily up-to-date heuristics)

Publication Categorizer


Region Evolution Explorer (REx)

  • Explore which ontology parts evolve heavily (or not)

ContoDiff(source code)

  • Determine and analyze complex diffs between versions of life science ontologies

Ontology Evolution Explorer (OnEX)

  • Explore the evolution of life science ontologies


Leipzig Online Test System (LOTS): Multiple Choice Tests, SQL query and XQuery training

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