Saeedi, A. ; Peukert, E. ; Rahm, E.

Comparative Evaluation of Distributed Clustering Schemes for Multi-source Entity Resolution

Proc. ADBIS, LNCS 10509, pp 278-293

2017 / 09



Entity resolution identifies semantically equivalent entities, e.g., describing the same product or customer. It is especially challenging for big data applications where large volumes of data from many sources have to be matched and integrated. Entity resolution for multiple data sources is best addressed by clustering schemes that group all matching entities within clusters. While there are many possible clustering schemes for entity resolution, their relative suitability and scalability is still unclear. We therefore implemented and comparatively evaluate distributed versions of six clustering schemes based on Apache Flink within a new entity resolution framework called Famer. Our evaluation for different real-life and synthetically generated datasets considers both the match quality as well as the scalability for different number of machines and data sizes.