Arnold, P. ; Rahm, E.

Semantic Enrichment of Ontology Mappings: A Linguistic-based Approach

Proc. 17th ADBIS Conference. LNCS 8133, pp. 42-55

2013 / 09



There are numerous approaches to match or align ontologies resulting into mappings specifying semantically corresponding ontology concepts. Most approaches focus on finding equality correspondences between concepts, although many concepts may not have a strict equality match in other ontologies. We present a new approach to determine more expressive ontology mappings supporting different kinds of correspondences such as equality, is-a and part-of relationships between ontologies. In contrast to previous approaches, we follow a so-called enrichment strategy that semantically refines the mappings determined with a state-of-the art match tool. The enrichment strategy employs several linguistic approaches to identify the additional kinds of correspondences. An initial evaluation shows promising results and confirms the viability of the proposed enrichment strategy.