• Presentation of running bachelor and master thesis
  • Presentation of current projects and research of the database group


  • BigBlueButton Conference Room
  • Please see Moodle Course for details


  • 22.06.2020 - 27.06.2020


  • The presentation should not be longer than 30 minutes for students and 20 minutes for employees.
  • The slides are to be written in English. However, the presentation can be given in English or German.


Monday 22.06.2020

  • Ali Al-Ali: Implementierung und Evaluierung von effizienten Datenstrukturen fürs Image Matching (MA)
  • Daniel Helmrich: Intrusion Detection with Deep Learning (BA)
  • Daniel Obraczka & Jonathan Schuchart - Knowledge Graph Embedding for Entity Resolution
  • Maja Schneider: Privacy Preserving Machine Learning
  • Johannes Frey - Towards a platform for flexible knowledge fusion

Tuesday 23.06.2020

  • Ying-Chi Lin - Cross-lingual Semantic Annotation Using Sentence Embeddings for Medical Forms - Part I
  • Phillip Hoffmann - Cross-lingual Semantic Annotation Using Sentence Embeddings for Medical Forms - Part II
  • Christian Martin, Gergely Pogany - GRAMMY and Radiomics
  • Georg Walther - Detection of aneurysms and prediction of rupture

Wednesday 24.06.2020

  • Lucas Schons - Distributed Layouting of Graph Collections (BA)
  • Lukas Christ - Time-dependent Graph Pattern Matching (MA)
  • Simon Bordewisch - End-To-End Stream Graph Analytics (MA)
  • Philip Fritzsche - Relational Storage and Continuous Query of Temporal Graph Data (MA)
  • Christopher Rost - Time-PGQL

Thursday 25.06.2020

  • Hanna Köpcke: Visual Product Matching I
  • Alieh Saeedi: Towards Real Multi-Source Entity Resolution Clustering
  • Stefan Lerm: Affintity Propagation (MA)
  • Bingqing Hu - Postprocessing mit Knotenembeddings (BA)
  • Moritz Wilke: Creation of a Large Scale Product Corpus for Multi-Modal Entity Resolution
  • Christian Stur: Visual Product Matching II

Friday 26.06.2020

  • Max Schrodt: Privacy-Preserving Interactive Record Linkage (BA)
  • Ziad Sehili: Bloom Filter Hardening
  • Martin Franke: Evaluation of Bloom-Filter-based Encodings
  • Florens Rohde: Application of PPRL in Dynamic Research Networks
  • Steffen Meßing: LOTS-Erweiterungen: Trainer für Relationenalgebra und Cypher (BA)
Oberseminar Gruppe 2020