The Oberseminar of the database group took place from May 23th to May 26th, 2023 in Darlingerode (Harz). 


(Knowledge) Graphs

  • Steven Lehmann: Link Prediction in Human Resource Management (bachelor thesis)
  • Adrian Kuhn: Metadata Enrichment in the DBpedia Databus Ecosystem (bachelor thesis)
  • Daniel Obraczka: Blocking for Knowledge Graphs
  • Mouna Ammar: Self introduction
  • Marvin Hover: Constructing, Benchmarking and Accessing (Domain)-Specific Knowledge Graphs
  • Andre Wille: Temporal Graph Heatmap (bachelor thesis)
  • Karim Rakia: Exchange of the Dataset API of Gradoop (bachelor thesis)

Privacy & Security

  • Maximilian Heykeroth: Dataset Analysis for PPML (bachelor thesis)
  • Lucas Lange: Recent Work in PPML
  • Maja Schneider: Federated sharing of location data
  • Manh Le Dac: Extension of Frost/Snowman for tag-based linkage result analysis (bachelor thesis)
  • Florens Rohde: Multi-Stage Active Learning for PPRL

Physics-informed Machine Learning

  • Benjamin Uhrich: Physics-informed Machine Learning in Complex Systems

Life Science

  • Julius Ellermann: Data augmentation to predict dceMRI breast cancer images (master thesis)
  • Marie-Sophie von Braun: Tissue outcome prediction in acute ischemic stroke based on multimodal CT imaging
  • Dusan Prasevic: Self introduction
  • Christian Martin: Life Science and Medicine Topics at ScaDS.AI


See Moodle course for details.

Oberseminar Sommer 2023

v.r.n.l: Christopher Rost, Andre Wille, Florens Rohde, Prof. Dr. Erhard Rahm, Karim Rakia, Christian Martin (oben), Julius Ellermann (oben), Marie-Sophie von Braun, Victor Christen, Daniel Obraczka, Lucas Lange, Adrian Kuhn, Maximilian Heykeroth, Marvin Hofer, Mouna Ammar, Martin Franke.