Hartung, M. ; Loebe, F. ; Herre, H. ; Rahm, E.

A Platform for Collaborative Management of Semantic Grid Metadata

Proc. of 2nd Intl. Symposium on Intelligent Distributed Computing (IDC) 2008

2008 / 09


Futher information: http://buell.izbi.uni-leipzig.de/dgo


Grid environments, providing distributed infrastructures, computing resources and data storage, usually show a high degree of heterogeneity in their metadata. We propose a platform for collaborative management and maintenance of common metadata for grids. As the conceptual foundation of this platform, a meta model is presented which distinguishes structured descriptions and classification structures. On this basis, the system allows for the user-friendly creation and editing of grid relevant metadata and provides various search and navigation facilities for grid participants. We applied the platform to the German D-Grid initiative by establishing the D-Grid Ontology (DGO).

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