Arnold, P. ; Rahm, E.

Enriching Ontology Mappings with Semantic Relations

Data and Knowledge Engineering, Volume 93, September 2014, Pages 1–18

2014 / 09


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There is a large number of tools to match or align corresponding concepts between ontologies. Most tools are restricted to equality correspondences, although many concepts may be related differently, e.g. according to an is-a or part-of relationship. Supporting such additional semantic correspondences can greatly improve the expressiveness of ontology mappings and their usefulness for tasks such as ontology merging and ontology evolution. We present a new approach called STROMA (SemanTic Refinement of Ontology MAppings) to determine semantic ontology mappings. In contrast to previous approaches, it follows a so-called enrichment strategy that refines the mappings determined with a state-of-the-art match tool. The enrichment strategy employs several techniques including the use of background knowledge and linguistic approaches to identify the additional kinds of correspondences. We evaluate the approach in detail using several real-life benchmark tests. A comparison with different tools for semantic ontology matching confirms the viability of the proposed enrichment strategy.

Best DKE paper of 2014