Meissner, R. ; Thor, A.

Flexible Educational Software Architecture: at the example of EAs.LiT 2

Proc. 1st International Workshop on Intelligence Support for Mentoring Processes in Higher Education (IMHE 2020)

2020 / 06


Futher information:


EAs.LiT is an e-assessment management and analysis software for which contextual requirements and usage scenarios changed over time. Based on these factors and further development activities, the decision was made to adopt a microservice architecture for EAs.LiT version 2 in order to increase its flexibility to adapt to new and changed circumstances. This architectural style and a few adopted technologies, like RDF as a data format, enabled an eased implementation of various use cases. Thus we consider the microservice architecture productive and recommend it for usage in other educational projects. The specific architecture of EAs.LiT version 2 is presented within this article, targeting to enable other educational projects to adopt it by using our work as a foundation or template