Franke, M. ; Sehili, Z. ; Rahm, E.

Parallel Privacy-Preserving Record Linkage using LSH-based blocking

3rd International Conference on Internet of Things, Big Data and Security (IoTBDS), pp. 195-203, 2018

2018 / 03


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Privacy-preserving record linkage (PPRL) aims at integrating person-related data without revealing sensitive information. For this purpose, PPRL schemes typically use encoded attribute values and a trusted party for conducting the linkage. To achieve high scalability of PPRL to large datasets with millions of records, we propose parallel PPRL (P3RL) approaches that build on current distributed dataflow frameworks such as Apache Flink or Spark. The proposed P3RL approaches also include blocking for further performance improvements, in particular the use of LSH (locality sensitive hashing) that supports a flexible configuration and can be applied on encoded records. An extensive evaluation for different datasets and cluster sizes shows that the proposed LSH-based P3RL approaches achieve both high quality and high scalability. Furthermore, they clearly outperform approaches using phonetic blocking.