Petermann, A. ; Junghanns, M. ; Rahm, E.

DIMSpan - Transactional Frequent Subgraph Mining with Distributed In-Memory Dataflow Systems

Proc. Int. Conf. on Big Data Computing, Applications and Technologies (BDCAT) 2017, pp 237-246

2017 / 12



Transactional frequent subgraph mining identifies frequent structural patterns in a collection of graphs. This research problem has wide applicability and increasingly requires higher scalability over single machine solutions to address the needs of Big Data use cases. We introduce DIMSpan, an advanced approach to frequent subgraph mining that utilizes the features provided by distributed in-memory dataflow systems such as Apache Flink or Apache Spark. It determines the complete set of frequent subgraphs from arbitrary string-labeled directed multigraphs as they occur in social, business and knowledge networks. DIMSpan is optimized to runtime and minimal network traffic but memory-aware. An extensive performance evaluation on large graph collections shows the scalability of DIMSpan and the effectiveness of its optimization techniques.