The Oberseminar of the database group will take place from May 21th to May 24th, 2024 in Hormersdorf in the Erzgebirge.


  • Abdulnaser Sabra: Transfer Learning for Multi-Source Entity Resolution
  • Andreas Kiziridis: Vehicle type classification
  • Charly Zimmer: Towards a deep learning approach for gap-filling in remotely sensed data
  • Maja Schneider: Synthetic trajectory data with semantic information
  • Lucas Lange: Re-Identification Attacks on Smartwatch Health Data
  • Benjamin Uhrich: Neural Diffusion Graph Convolutional Network for Predicting Heat Transfer in Selective Laser Melting
  • Victor Christen: Graph Metrics-driven Record Cluster Repair meets LLM-based active learning
  • Mouna Ammar: Hygraph vision
  • Theo Hahn: Temporal Performance Evaluation of PGM and RDF Models: A Case Study with FinBench
  • Minh Phan: Transform FinBench Temporal Graph into Gradoop
  • Maximilian Töpfer: Extending the DBpedia Extraction Framework to Extract Complete Historical Wikipedia Revisions as Temporal Graph
  • Marvin Hofer: Towards self-configuring Knowledge Graph Construction 
  • Luan Orsini: Optimizing Retrieval in a Graph RAG System
  • Ole Borchardt: Federated Learning With Individualized Differential Privacy By Client Sampling
  • Greta Weißgerber: On the utility and privacy of user-driven privatized data
  • Johannes Frey: Benchmarking the Abilities of Large Language Models for (RDF) Knowledge Graph Engineering Tasks
  • Daniel Obraczka: Comparing Token- and Embedding-based Blocking Approaches on Knowledge Graphs
  • Florens Rohde: Fingerprint-Based Privacy-Preserving Record Linkage & DiGuRaL-Project


See Moodle course for details.

Group image of Oberseminar SS2024  in Hormersdorf
v.r.n.l.: Prof. Dr. Erhard Rahm, Maximilian Töpfer, Daniel Obraczka, Ole Borchardt, Andreas Kiziridis, Theo Hahn, Marvin Hofer, Lucas Lange, Greta Weißgerber, Johannes Frey, Minh Phan, Maja Schneider, Mouna Ammar, Benjamin Uhrich, Florens Rohde, Luan Orsini, Charly Zimmer, Victor Christen, Christopher Rost, Abdulnaser Sabra