We are happy to announce that our research paper Enhancing Cross-lingual Semantic Annotations Using Deep Network Sentence Embeddings has won the Best Paper Award in the HEALTHINF 2021 (BIOSTEC) conference. In this paper we propose two new workflows using deep learning sentence encoders to tackle cross-lingual semantic annotation problem. We incorporate the state of the art methods on annotating non-English medical forms using large ontology sources. The research result shows impressive enhancement in annotation quality compared to method using conventional string matching. The awarded paper is authored by Ying-Chi Lin and Erhard Rahm from the database group Leipzig and Phillip Hoffmann was our supervised Bachelor student. Ying-Chi Lin presented the paper at the conference and you can see the presentation here. The BIOSTEC joint conference received 317 paper submissions from 54 countries in all continents, of which 22% were accepted as full papers. Therefore, it is a great honor that we won the Best Paper Award in HEALTHINF.

Here is the announcement of the conference HEALTHINF2022.

The presentation video can be seen here.