Aumüller, D. ; Rahm, E.

Caravela: Semantic Content Management with Automatic Information Integration and Categorization

E. Franconi, M. Kifer, and W. May (Eds.): ESWC 2007, LNCS 4519, pp. 729–738, 2007

2007 / 06


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Semantic web content management poses much manual work onto
the community. To reduce this labour we have devised Caravela, a generic
approach to dynamic content integration and automatic categorization. Content
and documents of different types can be integrated from diverse semi-structured
sources and categorized along multiple dimensions. Automatic linking provides
dynamic categorizations at no user cost. We illustrate our approach by an online
bibliography categorizing scientific research publications.

A caravela is a small, highly manoeuvrable ship, used for exploration.