Abicht, K. ; Alkhouri, G. ; Arndt, N. ; Meissner, R. ; Martin, M.

CubeViz.js: A Lightweight Framework for Discovering and Visualizing RDF Data Cubes

Lecture Notes in Informatics (LNI)



Futher information: https://dl.gi.de/bitstream/handle/20.500.12116/3960/B26-6.pdf


In this paper we present CubeViz.js, the successor of CubeViz, as an approach for lightweight visualization and exploration of statistical data using the RDF Data Cube vocabulary. In several use cases, such as the European Unions Open Data Portal, in which we deployed CubeViz, we were able to gather various requirements that eventually led to the decision of reimplementing CubeViz as JavaScript-only application. As part of this paper we showcase major functionalities of CubeViz.js and its improvements in comparison to the prior version.