Petermann, A. ; Junghanns, M. ; Müller, R. ; Rahm, E.

Graph-based Data Integration and Business Intelligence with BIIIG

Proc. VLDB Conf., 2014 (Demo paper)

2014 / 09



We demonstrate BIIIG (Business Intelligence with Integrated Instance Graphs), a new system for graph-based data integration and analysis. It aims at improving business analytics compared to traditional OLAP approaches by comprehensively tracking relationships between entities and making them available for analysis. BIIIG supports a largely automatic data integration pipeline for metadata and instance data. Metadata from heterogeneous sources are integrated in a so-called Unified Metadata Graph (UMG) while instance data is combined in a single integrated instance graph (IIG). A unique feature of BIIIG is the concept of business transaction graphs, which are derived from the IIG and which reflect all steps involved in a speci c business process. Queries and analysis tasks can refer to the entire instance graph or sets of business transaction graphs. In the demonstration, we perform all data integration steps and present analytic queries including pattern matching and graph-based aggregation of business measures.