Gomez, K. ; Taeschner, M. ; Rostami, M. ; Rost, C. ; Rahm, E.

Graph Sampling with Distributed In-Memory Dataflow Systems

Proc. Datenbanksysteme für Business, Technologie und Web (BTW) 2021

2021 / 03


Futher information: https://dl.gi.de/handle/20.500.12116/35798


Given a large graph, graph sampling determines a subgraph with similar characteristics for certain metrics of the original graph. The samples are much smaller thereby accelerating and simplifying the analysis and visualization of large graphs. We focus on the implementation of distributed graph sampling for Big Data frameworks and in-memory dataflow systems such as Apache Spark or Apache Flink and evaluate the scalability of the new implementations. The presented methods will be open source and be integrated into Gradoop, a system for distributed graph analytics.