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Christopher Rost

Christopher Rost


  • 2016 Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) at Hochschule für Telekommunikation Leipzig
  • 2018 Master of Science (M.Sc.) Computer Science at Leipzig University
  • Since March 2018 Ph.D. student at Leipzig University
  • LEG 2020 program committee member LEG @ ECML PKDD 2020


  • +49 341 97 32249
  • rost [at]
  • Augustusplatz 10, Paulinum, Raum P414

Own thesis

  • Bachelor thesis : “Development of a generic RESTful URI-schema for the execution of database queries (German)” link
  • Master thesis: “Scalable image-based deduplication” link

Research interests

  • Distributed graph processing
  • Temporal graph maintenance, querying, and analysis
  • Graph stream processing and analysis

Thesis supervision

  • Finished: M.Sc. - Efficient storage and analysis of temporal graph data - Maria Kömmpel
  • Finished: M.Sc. - Distributed Pattern Matching on Graph Streams - Abdalrahman Alkamel
  • Finished: M.Sc. - Distributed Grouping of Property Graph Streams - Rana Noureddin
  • Running: M.Sc. - Relational Storage and Continuous Querying of Temporal Graph Data - Philip Fritzsche
  • Running: M.Sc. - Graph Stream Explorer with Apache Flink - Xiaofan Guo
  • Running: B.Sc. - Temporal Graph Metrics - Konstantin Wilson
  • Running: B.Sc. - Continuous Query Notification for Evolving Graph Data - Maximilian Zimmer

Selected Talks


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Rost, C; Gomez, K; Taeschner, M; Fritzsche, P; Schons, L; Christ, L; Adameit, T; Junghanns, M; Rahm, E
Distributed temporal graph analytics with GRADOOP
VLDB Journal 2021 Special Issue Paper
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Gomez, K.; Taeschner, M.; Rostami, M. Ali; Rost, C.; Rahm, E.
Graph Sampling with Distributed In-Memory Dataflow Systems
Proc. Datenbanksysteme für Business, Technologie und Web (BTW) 2021

Google Scholar
Rost, C.; Gomez, K.; Fritzsche, P.; Thor, A.; Rahm, E.
Exploration and Analysis of Temporal Property Graphs
24th International Conference on Extending Database Technology (EDBT)
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Google Scholar
Rost, C.; Thor, A.; Rahm, E.
Analyzing Temporal Graphs with Gradoop
Datenbank-Spektrum 19(3)
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Google Scholar
Gomez, K.; Taeschner, M.; Rostami, M. Ali.; Rost, C.; Rahm, E.
Distributed Graph Sampling with In-Memory Dataflow Systems
Techn. Report, Univ. of Leipzig, arXiv:1910.04493, Oct 2019

Google Scholar
publication iconRost, C.; Thor, A.; Fritzsche, P.; Gomez, K.; Rahm, E.
Evolution Analysis of Large Graphs with Gradoop
Proc. of Intl. Workshop on Advances in managing and mining large evolving graphs (LEG@ECML-PKDD)

Google Scholar
publication iconRost, Christopher; Thor, Andreas; Rahm, Erhard
Temporal Graph Analysis using Gradoop
Proc. BTW workshops, LNI