Buchmann, E. ; Thor, A.

Online Exams in the Era of ChatGPT

Proc. of 21. Fachtagung Bildungstechnologien der Gesellschaft für Informatik (DELFI)



Futher information: https://doi.org/10.18420/delfi2023-15


Recent versions of ChatGPT demonstrate an amazing ability to answer difficult questions in natural languages on a wide range of topics.
This puts homeworks or online exams at risk, where a student can simply forward a question to the chatbot and copy its answers.
We have tested ChatGPT with three of our exams, to find out which kinds of exam questions are still difficult for a generative AI.
Therefore, we categorized exam questions according to a knowledge taxonomy, and we analyze the wrong answers in each category.
To our surprise, ChatGPT even performed well with procedural knowlege, and it earned a grade of 2.7 (B-) in the IT Security exam. However, we also observed five options to formulate questions that ChatGPT struggles wit