The 15th Zingst seminar of the database group took place from May 2nd to May 5th, 2017.


Privacy Preserving Record Linkage

  • Martin Franke: Parallel PPRL on Flink with LSH and phonetic blocking
  • Ziad Sehili: Runtime evaluation of multiparty PPRL in dynamic metric space

Graph analytics

  • Andre Petermann: DIMSpan - transactional frequent subgraph mining with distributed in-memory dataflow systems
  • Elias Saalmann: Graph BI with Gradoop - Immowelt case study (bachelor thesis)
  • Stephan Kemper: Advanced graph grouping with Gradoop (master thesis)
  • Ali Rostami: Large graph visualization
  • Martin Grimmer: Intrusion Detection using Static Analysis on Graph Structures
  • Matthias Kricke: Graph-based ETL operators and data model
  • Giacomo Bergami: Nesting Gradoop

Holistic data integration

  • Markus Nentwig: Generalized holistic entity resolution
  • Alieh Saeedi: Comparative evaluation of clustering-based multi-source entity resolution
  • Anika Groß: Holistic ontology clustering

Semantic annotations

  • Ying-Chi Lin: Biomedical ontology-based annotation: baseline vs Ctakes
  • Victor Christen: Feature-based selection for annotating medical documents

Further topics

  • Eric Peukert: ScaDS - the big picture
  • Johannes Geisler: Erstellung und Evaluierung eines Modells zur Betrugserkennung in Echtzeit mit Apache Spark (master thesis)
Oberseminar Zingst 2017
v.l.n.r: Prof. Dr. Erhard Rahm, Dr. Eric Peukert, Ying-Chi Lin, Martin Grimmer, Alieh Saeedi, Giacomo Bergami, Victor Christen, Mohammad Ali Rostami, Markus Nentwig, Elias Saalmann, Dr. Anika Groß, Matthias Kricke, Johannes Geisler, Stephan Kemper, Martin Franke, Ziad Sehili, André Petermann