Vorträge je 45 Min. mit Diskussion

2.12.2010, 13-17 Uhr, WDI-Lab

  • Zhu Xuzhi: Broken Link-Erkennung in Linked Data-Datenquellen
  • Alsayed Algergawy: A clustering-based approach for large-scale schema matching

6.12.2010, 9-13 Uhr, Johannisgasse

  • D. Aumüller: “Multiple Source Affiliation Extraction”
  • Michael Hartung: “What’s hot / What’s not - using annotations to detect interesting ontology regions”
  • Lars Kolb: Entity Resolution with MapReduce - load balancing and insufficient memory handling

9.12.2010, 13-17 Uhr, WDI-Lab

  • Eric Peukert: “Adaptive Matching Processes”
  • Salvatore Raunich: “The ATOM system: Automatic Target-driven Ontology Merging”
  • Anika Groß: “Matching and Composing Anatomy Ontologies”

13.12.2010, 9-13 Uhr, Johannisgasse

  • Sabine Maßmann: “Evolution of COMA++”
  • Hanna Köpcke: NN
  • Stefan Endrullis: Query Strategies for Entity Search Engines
  • Sven Kitschke: NN

16.12.2010, 13-17 Uhr, WDI-Lab

  • A. Ngonga: LIMES - A Link Discovery Framework for Metric Spaces
  • K. Wurdinger: “Feedforward Neural Network with CMAES as Learning Algorithm for Detecting Duplicates in E-Commerce Data”
  • H. Kropp: NN

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