• Presentation of current research at the database group
  • Presentation of running bachelor and master thesis
  • For details see course in Moodle


  • Daniel Alker (MA) - Analysis Pipeline for Battery Electric Trucks Mission Profiles
  • Felix Kirchgäßner - Klassifikation von Bilddaten mithilfe von PDG-inspirierten neuronalen Netzen in der additiven Fertigung
  • Martin Grimmer - Usages of the LID-DS
  • Victor Christen - Error Detection for Multi-source Clusters


  • Anna Matusevich (BA) - Untersuchung der Performanzentwicklung von Tomcat
  • Jacob Pollack (MA) - Product matching using multimodal deep learning
  • Christopher Rost - Seraph: Continuous Pattern Matching on Property Graph Streams (Part I / II)
  • Daniel Obraczka - Inductive Entity Alignment
  • Marvin Hofer - Knowledge Graph Construction
  • Johannes Frey - Reproducibility Crisis in the LOD Cloud?


  • Lucas Lange - Next Steps in Practical PPML and PPML on Smartwatch Health Data
  • Borislav Degenkolb (MA) - Privacy-Preserving LSTM for Smartwatch Stress Detection
  • Nils Wenzlitschke (MA) - Privacy-Preserving Smartwatch Health Data Generation Using DP-GANs
  • Felix Vogel (BA) - Privacy-Preserving Sentiment Analysis on Twitter
  • Daniel Grohmann (BA) - Colorizing Old Photos of Leipzig Using Deep Learning
  • Marlene Mertens (MA) - Classification of cervix carcinoma in MRI images


  • Victor Koch (BA) - Building an Overlay Search System for the XITASO Knowledge Ecosystem
  • Benjamin Uhrich - Physics-informed ML
  • Mehdi Karbalai (BA) -Android-App for extracting meta information of exams
  • Elias Messner (BA) - Robustness in PPRL
  • Florens Rohde - Multi-Stage Active Learning in PPRL
  • Kai Lanzendorf (BA) - Studies on threshold selection methods in LID-DS


  • Maximilian Martin (BA) - Evaluation of Graph Stream Analysis Pipelines with Apache Flink
  • Julian Pielmaier (BA) - Visualisation of Temporal Graph Metrics
  • Axel Schuster (MA) - Time-series data organised by temporal property graphs
  • Karim Abrik (BA) - Performanceanalyse der Commit-Historie von Gradoop
  • Mahmoud Ahmad (BA) - Development of an Android app for collecting and visualizing ornithological data (Frontend)
  • Abed Alaziz Owidat (BA) - Development of an Android app for collecting and visualizing ornithological data (Backend)


  • Mohamad Jaara (BA) - Fashion object detection
  • Moussa Rais (BA) - Comparing different CNN architectures for fashion image comparison
  • Tinsaye Abye (MA) - Transformer Based Anomaly Detection on Streams of System Calls