The 17th Zingst seminar of the database group took place from June 14th to June 17th, 2022.


Graph Analytics

  • Sung Geun Yun: Windowed Graph Stream Pattern Matching using Subgraph-Isomorphism (bachelor thesis)
  • Christopher Rost: A Cypher extension for continuous queries

Data Integration

  • Daniel Obraczka: Inductive Entity Alignment
  • Marvin Hofer: Overview and Challenges of Knowledge Graph Construction

Privacy & Security

  • Tim Matzeck: Attacks on PPRL using node embedding techniques (master thesis)
  • Manuel Friedrich: Secure encoding for PPRL with shared secrets (bachelor thesis)
  • Florens Rohde: Weighting for Bloom-Filter-based PPRL & Introduction to DataSHIELD
  • Martin Franke: Estimating Linkage Quality in Real-World (Privacy-preserving) Record Linkage Applications
  • Martin Grimmer: LID-DS - advances in intrusion detection using machine learning
  • Maja Schneider: Privacy-preserving publishing of mobility data
  • Anika Hannemann: Privacy-Preserving Multi Label Classification with Private Aggregation of Teacher Ensembles (PATE)
  • Lucas Lange: Privacy-Preserving Detection of COVID-19 in X-Ray Images

Physics-informaed Machine Learning

  • Nils Pfeifer: Modelling of heat flow in the additive production of metal components (master thesis)
  • Benjamin Uhrich: Machine learning with digital twins in additive production

Other topics

  • Torben Levin: Prioritization of content creation based on marketplace data (bachelor thesis)


See Moodle course for details.

from right: Prof. Dr. Erhard Rahm, Christopher Rost, Nils Pfeifer, Sung Geun Yun, Benjamin Uhrich, Anika Hannemann, Tim Matzeck, Dr. Hanna Köpcke, Torben Levin, Martin Grimmer, Daniel Obraczka, Marvin Hofer, Lucas Lange, Martin Franke, Manuel Friedrich, Dr. Victor Christen, Florens Rohde, Maja Schneider.