Algergawy, A. ; Nayak, R. ; Siegmund, N. ; Koppen, V. ; Saake, G.

Combining Schema and Level-Based Matching for Web Service Discovery

10th International Conference of Web Engineering (ICWE 2010)

2010 / 07



Due to the availability of huge number ofWeb services (WSs), finding an appropriate WS according to the requirement of a service consumer
is still a challenge. In this paper, we present a new and flexible approach, called SeqDisc, that assesses the similarity between WSs. In
particular, the approach exploits the Prüfer encoding method to represent WSs as sequences capturing both semantic and structure information
of service descriptions. Based on the sequence representation, we develop an efficient sequence-based schema matching approach to measure
the similarity between WSs. A set of experiments is conducted on real data sets, and the results confirm the performance of the proposed