• Mittwoch 15:15-16:45, online
Wednesday, 21.04.2021


Die Anmeldung zur Vorlesung, Übung und Klausur erfolgt über AlmaWeb.

  • Achtung: Sie müssen sich für das Modul und die Veranstaltungen (Vorlesung + Übung) anmelden.
  • Bei Fragen und Problemen zur Anmeldung wenden Sie sich bitte immer an das Studienbüro via einschreibung [at] math.uni-leipzig.de (einschreibung(at)math.uni-leipzig.de)


Real-world data are commonly messy, distributed, and heterogeneous. This course introduces core concepts of data cleaning and standardization, and data integration, that are aimed at converting and mapping raw data into other formats that allow more efficient and convenient use and analysis of data. The course also discusses data quality, management, and storage issues as relevant to data analytics.

Due to the current situation, the lecture will be held as an online lecture in moodle. The lecture consists of recorded videos as well as interactive lectures. There will also be practical exercises.