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Dr. Eric Peukert

Eric Peukert



  • Since 12/2014 Big Data Competence Center (ScaDS Dresden/Leipzig), Management of Service Center@Universität Leipzig (
  • 2011 – 2014 Researcher at SAP SE
  • 2007 – 2011 Research Associate at SAP Research CEC Dresden, SAP AG

  • Graduation: Dr. rer. nat., Universität Leipzig, November 2013

  • Diploma in Computer Science and Media, Technische Universität Dresden, July 2007


  • +49 341 97 39 524
  • peukert [at]
  • Big Data Kompetenzzentrum (ScaDS Dresden Leipzig),
  • Ritterstraße 9-13, 2.OG
  • 04109 Leipzig

Research Interests

  • Graph-based Data Integration & Matching
    • Cooperation project with InfAI & TIQ (
    • Cooperation project with UNISERV
  • Big Data Frameworks
    • Distributed Computation Frameworks (Flink, Spark, etc.)
    • Distributed Storage Systems (Accumulo, MongoDB, etc.)
    • Geotempoal Data Management (Geomesa, Geowave etc.)
    • (new )Time-Series-Data Management
  • Distributed Image Processing & Matching
  • Graph-based Analytics in Computer Security (

Supervision of Thesis/ Lab-Projects

  • Running:
    • Master Thesis: Kai Franze, Chemical Rules in Massspectrometry analysis workflows (joint supervision with Dr. Oliver Lechtenfeld from UFZ)
    • Bachelor Thesis: Katharina Thießen, Dedoop in KNIME
    • Bachelor Thesis: Christian Fuß, Graph-based Similarity Measure for Matching in Gradoop
    • Bachelor Thesis: Marc Stöhr, Graph-Transformation in Gradoop
    • Master Thesis: Christopher Rost, Image-based Deduplication
  • Finished

    • Master Thesis: Georges Alkhouri, Deep Learning for Deduplication
    • Master Thesis, Marcel Jacob, Effiziente Haltung und Abfrage geotemporaler Daten im Apache Hadoop-Ökosystem (Joint supervision with Martin Grimmer from MGM technology partners)
    • Kevin Förster, Eignung von Workflow-Management-Tools für BigData- Aufgabenstellungen (co-supervised with Lars-Peter Meyer)
    • Master Thesis , Wolfgang Amman, Vergleich und Evaluation von RDF-on-Hadoop Lösungen
    • Master Thesis, Kevin Jacob, Verwaltung und Verarbeitung von Massenspektrometerdaten (joint supervision with Dr. Anika Groß from DBS-Group and Dr. Oliver Lechtenfeld, Julia Raeke from UFZ)
    • Master Thesis, Florian Pretsch, Entwicklung von Techniken zur Datenintegration und Datenqualitätsverbesserung für die Graph-Processing-Platform GRADOOP (Joint supervision with Prof. Thor from HFTL)
  • Lab-Projects

    • SHK, Volodymyr Moroz, Graph Transformation in the Gradoop Service
    • SHK, Anja Neumann, Visual Analytics of metabolic networks with the Gradoop Service
    • SHK, Simon Hüning, Command Line Interface for Dedoop (finished)
    • SHK, Falco Kirchner, Imputation with SLURM on HPC and Shared Nothing Architectures (Joint supervision with Holger Kirsten from IMISE)(finished)
  • Open Topics and Working Student Positions (see


  • Supporting Big Data Praktikum 2016, 2017
  • Organizing Big Data Ringvorlesung 2017
  • Vorlesung Cloud Data Management CDM 2017/18



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