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Maja Schneider



  • Since April 2020 research assistant at ScaDS.AI
  • M.Sc. Computer Science, University of Leipzig, 2020
  • Expert Network Control Analyst, DHL Hub Leipzig GmbH, 2012 - 2014
  • Dispatch and Inbound Specialist, TNT Express, 2008 - 2012
  • Diploma in Mathematics, HTWK Leipzig, 2008

Research Interests

  • Privacy-preserving Machine Learning
  • Privacy-Preserving Data Publishing
  • Location Privacy
  • Deep Learning
  • Generative adversarial networks


  • E-Mail: mschneider at
  • Office: ScaDS.AI 3.33
  • Phone: +49 341 97-39321



Google Scholar
publication iconSchneider, M.; Schneider, J.; Löffelmann, L.; Christen, P.; Rahm, E.
Tuning the Utility-Privacy Trade-Off in Trajectory Data
26th International Conference on Extending Database Technology (EDBT)

Google Scholar
publication iconSchneider, M.; Gehrke, L.; Christen, P.; Rahm, E.
D-TOUR : Detour-based point of interest detection in privacy-sensitive trajectories
Conference: 3. Interdisciplinary Privacy & Security at Large Workshop (Privacy&Security@Large), INFORMATIK 2022

Google Scholar
publication iconSchneider, M.;Jokisch, O.
Towards a robust analysis and classification of dog barking
Conference: Elektronische Sprachsignalverarbeitung 2020. Tagungsband der 31. Konferenz, Magdeburg, Germany, 4.-6. März 2020, Volume: 95

Thesis Supervision

Type Name Titel Year Status
B. Sc. Erik Rötschke Entwicklung einer Android App zur Messung und Visualisierung des Privatsphäre-Leaks durch Standortabfragen von Smartphone-Apps 2023 Ongoing
B. Sc. Matthias Mohn Detektion von Points of interest in Geodaten mithilfe von Graph Convolutional Neural Nets 2023 Ongoing
B. Sc. Bjarne Weers Re-Identifizierung von Personen anhand ihrer Points of interest 2023 Ongoing
B. Sc. Nagham Haji Darwish Anomalieerkennung in Geodaten mit AutoEncodern 2023 Ongoing
B. Sc. Richard Zimmermann Privatsphäre-erhaltende Publikation von NextBike-Fahrradleihdaten mit Fokus auf Identitätsschutz 2023 Ongoing
B. Sc. Chris Emmerich Verbesserung der Erkennung interessanter Punkte in Standortverläufen durch Analyse der Semantik 2023 Ongoing
M. Sc. Michael Koch Privatsphäre-erhaltende Vorhersage der Überlebenszeiten von Magenkrebspatienten 2022 Finished
M. Sc. Lucas Lange Privacy-Preserving Detection of COVID-19 in X-Ray Images 2022 Finished
M. Sc. Aruscha Kramm Privatsphäre-erhaltende Analyse des Fahrradklimas in Leipzig 2021 Finished
M. Sc. Paul Muschiol Development of an Audio-Classifier for Urban Sounds under consideration of the PATE framework 2021 Finished

Open Theses

Have a look at our thesis proposals or contact me with your own ideas.

Job offers

I am looking for research assistants (SHK/WHK). If you are interested in privacy protection/attacks, Machine Learning and Python programming, contact me.