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  • Lucas Lange
  • lange [at] informatik [dot] uni-leipzig [dot] de
  • +49 341 97 32316
  • Room P-416, Paulinum, Augustusplatz 10, 04109, Leipzig


  • Since 03/2022 - Researcher / PhD Student at Leipzig University
  • 2022 - M.Sc. Computer Science, Leipzig University
  • 2019 - B.Sc. Computer Science, Leipzig University


  • Privacy-Preserving Data Analysis (Machine Learning)



  • DBS2: SoSe23 (Lecture on Pandas)




  • Trends in Data Analytics and Machine Learning: WiSe22/23

Betreute Abschlussarbeiten (13)

Jahr Typ Student Titel Status
B. Sc. Greta Weißgerber On the utility and privacy of user-driven privatized data Running
M. Sc. Ole Borchardt Federated Learning With Individualized Differential Privacy By Client Sampling Running
B. Sc. Julian Dietz ImageNet Pre-training Strategies for DP-SGD Running
M. Sc. Adrian Böttinger Supervised learning from user-driven privatized data Running
B. Sc. Lukas auf der Landwehr Federated Learning on User-Level Data Distributions Running
2024 M. Sc. Maximilian Heykeroth Image Dataset Characteristics and Their Influence on Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning Finished
2024 M. Sc. Tobias Schreieder Re-Identification Attacks on Smartwatch Health Data Finished
2024 B. Sc. Lukas Metz Learning Super Mario Bros - Investigation of the Influence of Generalized States in Reinforcement Learning Finished
2023 M. Sc. Borislav Degenkolb Entwicklung eines Privatsphäre-erhaltenden Transformers zur Stresserkennung anhand von Smartwatch-Health-Daten Finished
2023 B. Sc. Felix Vogel Privatsphäre-erhaltende Sentiment Analyse auf Twitter Finished
2023 M. Sc. Nils Wenzlitschke Privacy-Preserving Smartwatch Health Data Generation For Stress Detection Using GANs Finished
2023 B. Sc. Daniel Grohmann Kolorieren Historischer Fotos der Stadt Leipzig mit Deep-Learning-Techniken Finished
2022 B. Sc. Noah Rasp A Study on the Impact of Class Imbalance on CNNs for Bee Health Detection Finished