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  • Presentation of running bachelor and master thesis
  • Presentation of current projects and research of the database group


  • BigBlueButton Conference Room
  • Please see Moodle Course for details


  • The presentation should not be longer than 30 minutes for students and 20 minutes for employees.
  • The slides are to be written in English. However, the presentation can be given in English or German.


11.06.2021 Entity Resolution and Entity Linking

  • Ying-Chi Lin - Recent Advances of Biomedical Pre-trained Language Models
  • Alieh Saeedi - Extended Hierarchical Agglomerative Clustering for Multi-source Entity Resolution
  • Daniel Obraczka - Hubness Reduction for Entity Alignment with Knowledge Graph Embeddings
  • Jeremy Puchta (MA) - Interactive Exploration of Embedding Spaces
  • Tobias Giesemann (MA) - Entity Resolution in Knowledge Graphs Using Neural Networks

16.06.2021 Graph Session

  • Konstantin Wilson (BA) - Temporal Graph Metrics
  • Xiaofan Guo (MA) - Graph Stream Visualization and Exploration with Flink
  • Christopher Rost - Distributed Grouping of Property Graph Streams
  • Maurice Eisenblätter (BA) - Implementation of an In-Memory data structure for the EPGM
  • Jonathan Schuchart - Link Prediction in Temporal Knowledge Graphs and Explainability

18.06.2021 Privacy-Session

  • Tim Häntschel (BA) - Evaluation of Autoencoders for encrypting Bloom-Filters
  • Lukas Burges (BA) - Gradual disclosure of identifying attributes for record linkage
  • Martin Franke - Towards a Privacy Measure for PPRL
  • Victor Christen - Incremental Node Embedding-based Attack on PPRL
  • Florens Rohde - Linkage quality stability in PPRL

23.06.2021 Privacy Session 2

  • Paul Muschiol (MA) - Development of an Audio-Classifier for Urban Sounds under consideration of the PATE framwork
  • Maja Schneider - Privacy of mobility data
  • Aruscha Kramm (MA) - Privatsphäre-erhaltende Analyse des Fahrradklimas in Leipzig

25.06.2021 Privacy und Host Based Intrusion Detection

  • Lucas Lange (MA): Privacy-Preserving Detection of COVID-19 in X-Ray Images
  • Tim Kaelble: HIDS mit LSTMs
  • Martin Grimmer: LID-DS 2021


  • Michael Koch MA: Privatsphäre-erhaltende Vorhersage der Überlebenszeiten von Magenkrebspatienten
  • Nadine Biedermann BA: Untersuchung einer IoT-Plattform (Forschungsfeld DevOp)
  • Rainer Hofmann BA: Softsensor für Anwendungen in Räumen (Forschungsfeld Sensordaten, Umwelt)
  • Alwine Balfanz -BA: Erstellung eines Physical Distancing Graph aus BLE-Signalstärken (Forschungsfeld Sensordaten, BLE)
  • Clemens Morgenstern BA: Analyse von BLE-Signalstärken und Ableitung von Handlungsempfehlungen für Demonstratoren (Forschungsfeld Sensordaten, BLE)


  • Maximilian Omlor Praktikumsbericht
  • Till Schultz BA: Analyse des Nutzerverhaltens auf der Social Media Plattform Twitter (Forschungsfeld Tweet Analytics, Big Data)
  • Maximilian Scheiber BA: Datenanalyse von standortbezogenen Twitter Daten (Forschungsfeld Tweet Analytics, Big Data)
  • Thomas Abel BA: Host Intrusion Detection System zur Identifizierung von Software-Manipulation (Forschungsfeld HIDS)
  • Lukas Reinhardt BA: Host Intrusion Detection System zur Identifizierung von Hardware-Manipulation (Forschungsfeld HIDS)
  • Leonie Preker MA: Evaluating embedding methods for genomic data